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As people become more accustomed to using banking apps and other forms of fintech, experts expect the array of fintech services to continue to grow in 2019. Here are some of the fintech trends to look for this year.

Voice Technology

With Alexa becoming established in more and more homes, it shouldn’t be surprising that experts think voice banking is just around the corner. At least a few banks, such as Ally Bank and Capital One, already offer some services by voice banking, but the options are limited to fairly simple tasks such as asking about the last transaction recorded. However, expect more banks to start using voice technology. As advances are made in voice technology, it’s likely that voice banking will be extended to more complex tasks, such as transferring money.

Automatic Savings Apps

These apps, which round up the amount paid for a purchase and divert the overage to a savings account, are already available, with names like Qapital or Digit. As more people realize that the apps make saving painless, the apps will become more popular. While the amount of money put into savings may be only a few cents with each transaction, when figured over multiple transactions each day, the deposits add up. A few apps, including ChangeEd and Momentum, are designed specifically to help people pay down a student loan balance.

Contactless Cards

Credit cards that work by tapping rather than being swiped or inserted into a chip reader are gaining traction because they speed up the checkout process. A Mastercard Inc. vice president told Bloomberg the company is working to get its institutional and merchant customers onboard with contactless payments.

Industry Changes

Fintech is a new and growing industry, with plenty of money flowing in. Where that much money is at stake, changes will happen. Trends likely in 2019 include the possibility of at least one startup going public. Several experts told Bloomberg that Stripe or Credit Karma seem the most likely candidates for an IPO. Consolidation, whether in the form of mergers between smaller companies or with a big bank buying a startup, is also possible this year. Many big financial companies see the benefits of acquiring a fintech company to expand their technical capabilities and are looking to buy a viable startup.