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Facial recognition technology is everywhere and it’s transforming more than just our social lives. It’s been around in one form or another since the 1960’s but recent developments made with the technology have it positioned on a completely new level. While lawmakers and major companies such as Apple and Microsoft are endorsing federal regulation the future of this technology is sensational.

Here is a list of current and possible uses of facial recognition technology.

Preventing Crime
Facial recognition software is already reducing retail crime. By using photographs on criminal databases stores can be notified instantly when an individual with a history of theft walks in. Furthermore, it helps to reduce things such as jaywalking and underage drinking.

Finding Missing Persons
With this technology missing or trafficked people can be identified instantly, as long as their photograph is in a database. This can alert the authorities and has already been used successfully in India.

Targeting Marketing
By making an educated guesse at someone’s age and sex ads using facial recognition software can be prompted to adjust depending. This is definitely going to become more and more popular amongst marketing companies.

Validating Identity at ATM’s
Facial recognition will remove the ability for thieves using stolen cards. There is a very real chance that this software will eventually remove the need for bank cards all together.

Easing Air Travel Processes
Air travel will become safer and more convenient in the future using facial recognition. From easily identifying any threats to checking luggage and boarding planes, this software will change the way we travel.

Aiding Investigations
Using facial recognition detectives will be able to have a suspect’s identity immediately when watching security footage. Law enforcement will also be more protected by being able to detect threats quickly and from a distance.

Assisting the Blind

By recognizing someone’s facial expressions, the blind could be alerted via vibration to whether a person is smiling or grimacing. This would allow them to better read and understand social situations.

Protecting Schools/Venues from Threats
There are already venues around the world using this technology to guard against potential threats. Now more than ever, people want to feel safe while attending a concert or sporting event. Facial recognition can site criminals for the security, so they know who to keep an eye on.
Furthermore, this is a necessary step for schools to take to better ensure the safety of their students.