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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is one of the more popular topics in the tech world right now.  While it’s a technology that’s still in its earlier stages of development, AI is proving that it’s on its way to revolutionizing the way many industries currently function.  Some industries today, are beginning to work with AI in different ways, but it hasn’t fully made its impact yet. Experts say, by 2020 85% of customer service interactions will be conducted by AI bots.  However, we already see AI move into our daily lives. If you’re an iPhone user with Siri, or you have an Amazon Alexa in your home, you’re likely interacting with AI every day. Since the releases of personal assistants like Alexa and Siri, there have been multiple software updates and general upgrades, improving their accuracy and communication with the user.  It’s hard to believe that this is only the beginning! Here are a few of the major industries that

The age of self-driving cars is here, sort of.  Companies such as Tesla have developed autonomous vehicle technologies that although aren’t widely popular yet, they’re putting self-driving cars on the map.  While fully autonomous vehicles aren’t something you see on the road every day, many car manufacturers already have AI technologies adapted into their cars. Mercedes Benz, for example, has a voice-controlled in-car personal assistant, as well as self-parking technologies that can accurately park the vehicle for you with the push of a button.  It’s safe to say; the future is bright for AI in the automotive industry.

There is a lot of potential for AI in the healthcare industry, and a lot of excitement from healthcare providers.  According to Dr. Emmanuel Fombu, “Artificial intelligence is arguably the single biggest disruptor for the healthcare industry. It’ll free up physicians’ time by taking care of menial tasks, it’ll aid in the discovery of new drugs and treatments, and it’ll help to provide personalized healthcare to every single patient in the system. The possibilities are mind-blowing.”  AI is going as far as preventing diseases and providing future medical professionals with real-time training and educational content.

The financial industry is another area where AI has great growth potential.  While AI is currently used in efforts to detects fraudulent credit card charges and transactions, it also has the potential to be applied to making data-based decisions when it comes to investments and the stock market.  It can also make its way into the digital currency world in the near future.